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Avtera d.o.o. is a Slovene representative and distributor of some of the most important brands in the line of informatics, information technology, consumer electronics and mobility.

Market trends have led us to new areas in recent years, thus we further expanded the portfolio of our offer. We successfully upgraded our sales program with range of foldable bikes, more and more sought drones and our portfolio in the field of health care. Our specialized technical and sales staff has a detailed knowledge of the entire range of products to help customers select just what they need. Our support and information services are here to help your business, even after purchase. We organize regular professional trainings for our partners, where they can learn more about new technologies and their useful value. We believe in traditional values but work with a youthful enthusiasm. Knowledge and experiences are our competitive advantages, resting upon more than 70 employees and trusted by more than 700 business partners in Slovenia and abroad.

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Avtera d.o.o.,
Litijska cesta 259,
SI-1261 Ljubljana – Dobrunje

VAT ID: SI30776937

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Equity capital 6.005.000,00 EUR
Ownership Zasebno Registrsko sodišče Okrožno sodišče Ljubljana
No. reg. input in the court register 1/03499/00
Bank account SI56 0400 1004 9167 058
Directors Primož Robič, Rok Žnidar

Our vision


Avtera provides its business partners with a sales program in the field of modern technologies products and with its services provides a superior user experience and optimal quality, responsiveness and price ratio. We are constantly upgrading our business with the automation of sales and logistics processes. Avtera offers a positive, stimulating environment and care for education, personal development and promotion to the employees. We want to be even better and more successful!

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